What is the average cost of CPR Certification Classes In Atlanta?

What is the average cost of CPR Certification Classes In Atlanta

If you’re interested in training you must want to know what is the average cost of CPR certification classes in Atlanta. We’ll break the costs down here. Numerous organizations across the United States are offering CPR certification services. Some of the most credible and notable ones are the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. This type of organizations can provide you with a fully-fledged CPR certification program, universally-recognized certificates, and certification renewal options.

However, each organization or issuing body has its certification policy and costs for certifying regular citizens, healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, etc. Moreover, the prices for a CPR certificate can depend on other things, such as the state where you’re taking the exam.

So you may ask yourself, “What is the average cost of CPR certification?” The answer is not that simple, as there are additional costs you need to consider aside from the course.

In the following sections, we will analyze the average cost of CPR certification per city, the cost of the materials, as well as how much you need to renew your CPR certificate. Finally, we will provide you with examples of the average CPR certification costs.

CPR Certification: The Average Cost For Classes in Atlanta

As we’ve mentioned, the price of CPR certificates can vary depending on the city or the state. Moreover, each city hosts numerous certifying bodies and organizations that can provide you with certification services.

For example, New York City has more than 200 certified training centers that are recognized by the NY State Department of Health. Some more notable ones are credible organizations like AHA, Red Cross, National Safety Council, American Safety & Health Institute, and more. Each one has its pricing policy and program modules.

Additionally, with the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations turned towards online classes. Studies have shown that these classes can be an effective alternative to in-person training. The online certificates had a significant impact on the overall pricing of the classes and certification cards.

On average, a Red Cross CPR certification class in New York City can cost you somewhere between $35 and $120. The differences in the pricing are related to the type of classes. The Red Cross, for example, charges the online Adult First Aid / CPR / AED training at its lowest – $35, while Adult & Pediatric First Aid / CPR / AED at its highest – around $110.

The same goes for Washington, Ohio, California, or any other state and city across the US. Organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross have unified offers regarding CPR certification services.

This can also be said about the hundreds of other certifying organizations that provide CPR certification services in each city and state. Naturally, the price may vary between each one of them. However, considering that most are certified by institutions like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the price range usually stays the same.

What is the average cost of CPR Certification Classes, Materials & Handbooks in Atlanta

Depending on the CPR course type you’ve enrolled in, you might need different materials and handbooks. However, all the materials are usually available online, so you can purchase them easily.

Organizations like AHA or the American Red Cross offer these handbooks, guides, and reference cards on their official websites. The cost of these materials doesn’t depend on the city or state. The least expensive is the certification materials like reference cards, which can be found at an average cost of $8 to $10.

On the other hand, materials like handbooks, guides, or manual books have higher pricing. Based on the certification level, there are different material prices. For instance, if you want to be certified as an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider, you would have to pay less than for ACLS Instructor.

What’s more, modern CPR-certifying institutions and organizations can also provide you with digital video materials. The price of the video materials also doesn’t vary between states or cities. Nonetheless, each video material can be priced differently depending on the course program and modules.

The Average Cost of Renewing a CPR Certificate in Atlanta

Once you complete the courses, proceed to the CPR exam, and successfully pass it, you’ll get your CPR certification card or CPR certificate No matter the type of course or CPR certificate, each certification card remains valid for two years.

This process is a universal policy adopted by all certification bodies, including AHA and the American Red Cross. The expiry date of the CPR certificate stays the same for every state and city across the United States.

Once it expires, you can renew your certificate by choosing one of the three ways: online, in-person, or through blended learning. Each of these recertification methods will cost you differently.

According to AHA-certified organizations, the average price for CPR certificate renewal is similar to the initial CPR certificate fee. However, the renewal varies between different organizations and can range between $30 and $250 on average.

The prices can vary depending on the organization, the type of certificate, the price range prevalent for the particular state, etc. What’s more, the organizations usually keep the right to change the recertification fee for the certification card renewal. The cost can change due to different factors, including the broadening of the program and the introduction of new practices.

American Heart Society vs. Red Cross CPR Certificates: Examples of Different Courses, Different Prices

As we have mentioned, there are plenty of organizations around the US that give out CPR certifications or course completion cards. Each of these would state that you have passed the training provided by the organization and have some knowledge of CPR (or other life-saving techniques the course covered).

Below we give you two examples of organizations that give similar courses and their prices.

American Heart Society

A good example to analyze the different costs and fees for enrolling in an internationally-recognized CPR course is the American Heart Association. Within the CPR courses catalog of this health organization, you’ll find a variety of CPR certification offers.

AHA offers Heartsaver Courses and Courses for Medical Professionals. Depending on the type of CPR training, the average cost may vary. For instance, there are First-Aid CPR AED and Pediatric First-Aid / CPR / AED courses.

Each course has a unique pricing scheme depending on the program, materials, and location. For example, if you want to enroll in a First-Aid / CPR / AED training program in Florida, you’ll have to pay somewhere between $80 and $100.

You can choose the time of your appointment and the training location. Mind that the prices can also depend on the type of learning: online, in-person, or blended courses. If you want to enroll in AHA’s Online Pediatric First-Aid / CPR / AED Courses, you can purchase them for an average of $20.

Red Cross

The American Red Cross is another organization benchmarking the CPR certificate market. This organization provides certification services in each state through its training centers and other organizations certified by it.

If you wonder, “What is the average cost of CPR Certification Classes In Atlanta?” the Red Cross can give you multiple answers. The average price of cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificates offered by this organization can range between $10 and $200.

The lowest prices, similar to AHA’s pricing, are reserved for online courses, while the most expensive are the classroom certification courses. Moreover, you can book all the American Red Cross classes and get your materials and certificates online.

Understanding What is the average cost of CPR Certification Classes In Atlanta

When looking to learn cpr you may wonder, What is the average cost of CPR Certification Classes In Atlanta? The CPR certificate pricing can vary between organizations and types of courses. In particular, you can choose to certify yourself or your organization on different “levels” of CPR. The more basic ones, like the infant CPR classes, are cheaper, while those for adults can be more expensive.

Furthermore, the pricing can vary between states and cities. Organizations operating in New York City may offer different pricing than Ohio or Oklahoma. Additionally, the prices can differ depending on the type of training methodology: online, in-person, or blended learning. There’s no definite price range, and the rates and fees can vary, so before you choose your CPR course, look through an organization’s catalog and compare the prices.